Yamazaki Z, Fujimori Y, Wada T, Togawa T, Yamakoshi K, Shimazu H
Admittance plethysmographic evaluation of undulatory massage for the edematous limb.
Lymphology. 1979 Mar;12(1):40-2.

A new apparatus, called Hadomer has been developed for the treatment of
peripheral lymphedema and venous disorder. It has cuffs with 5 rooms, through
which the air pressure moves from periphery to proximal point,
just like surging waves. The peripheral stagnant lymph and venous blood are
displaced toward the heart by this pneumatic massage.
Hadomer has been applied to more than 400 patients with the edematous
limbs, with satisfactory results, such as decrease of
swelling, pain and induration. These clinical results have been also
confirmed by electrical admittance plethysmography which is useful to
measure noninvasively the edematous volume and the blood flow.
The admittance of the edematous limbs is high and after massaging with Hadomer
it approaches normal range. The blood flow in the diseased limbs
is less than the healthy one and it is observed better after pneumatically massaging.