Lerner R, Requena R.
Upper extremity lymphedema secondary to mammary cancer treatment.
Am J Clin Oncol 1986 Dec;9(6):481-7

Upper extremity lymphedema resulting from the radiation or surgical therapy of
breast cancer is quite common and can approximate 25% in some series. To treat
patients with this condition, a special lymphedema clinic was started in 1979. To
date, 150 patients have been enrolled. They have had their lymphedema for periods
of 1 month to 14 years. Treatment was either by sequential pumping using a special
device (Lymphapress) or by microsurgery. The surgery consisted of multiple
lymphovenous anastomoses without sutures, carried out on the medial aspect of the
affected upper arm. Thus far, 102 anastomoses have been performed in 15 patients.
The results of both treatment methods have been very encouraging.