Klein MJ, Alexander MA, Wright JM, Redmond CK, LeGasse AA.
Treatment of adult lower extremity lymphedema with the Wright linear pump:
Statistical analysis of a clinical trail.
Arch Phys Med Rehabil 1988 Mar;69(3 Pt 1):202-6

D.T. Watson Rehabilitation Hospital, Sewickley, PA 15143.

Seventy-three adult lymphedema patients with 78 affected lower extremities were
treated with the Wright Linear Pump. All patients were admitted for a 48-hour
clinical trial. Comparison of circumferential limb measurements before and after
a 48-hour treatment period using a repeated measures analysis of variance showed
statistically significant improvement (p less than 0.00005). Although the
improvement appeared to be somewhat more pronounced for men than for women, both
sexes experienced an important reduction in leg circumference after therapy.
Other factors such as age, etiology, previous use of the Jobst pump, or duration
of lymphedema did not appear to influence the extent of improvement. These data
clearly indicate that the Wright Linear Pump is an effective treatment for lower
extremity lymphedema in adults.