Orhan J.
[Preliminary study of the lymphology unit at the hospital of La Ferte-Mace (Orne)]
Phlebologie. 1989 Apr-Jun;42(2):195-200. French.

Hopital, La Ferte-Mace.
The presence of people with lymphedema taking the waters at the thermal spa
at Bagnoles-de-l'Orne led to the creation of a Lymphology Unit at
the Hopital de La Ferte-Mace, situated 5 km from the spa.
A course of treatment at a spa is a considerable aid in treating lymphedema
because of its filtering, resolving, keratolytic and sedative
action and because of hydraulic pressure therapy.
The Lymphology Unit finishes off the result using intensive care consisting of
postural drainage, manual massage of lymphatic drainage, bandages,
pneumatic pressure therapy and physiotherapy followed by final
immobilization. Moreover, it can also carry out an intensive basic
treatment or booster treatment for a short stay without spa
treatment. The author sets out the first encouraging results from combining
the two techniques.