Walby R.
[Treatment of lymphedema in institutions. Two weeks of in-hospital intensive
lymphatic drainage followed by maintenance treatment with a pulsator]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 1990 Oct 10;110(24):3125-6.

Avdeling for sosialmedisin, Fysioterapiseksjonen, Det Norske Radiumhospital, Oslo.

54 patients were admitted to The Norwegian Radium Hospital (hotel ward) for
treatment of secondary lymph drainage in the arm or the leg. The treatment
consisted of 14 days intensive lymph drainage, including massage and physical
exercises, and intermittent compression with pulsator and bandaging.
Information/instruction was given continuously. Good elastic stockings were
supplied before the patients left the hospital. The treatment was succeeded by a
maintenance programme, which the patients carried out themselves at home. The
patients were closely followed up and reported on for six months, and were
rechecked after another four and 12 months. We present the results after 14 days
of intense treatment, followed by a 12-month maintenance programme.