Fritsch C, Tomson D.
[The usefulness of lymphatic drainage]
[Article in French]
Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax 1991 Apr 9;80(15):383-6

Service de rhumatologie, medecine physique et rehabilitation, CHUV, Lausanne.

Management of lymphoedema is extremely variable in the medical profession,
ranging from total denial of diagnostic procedures and treatment to excessively
aggressive treatments. Between these 2 extremes lies the manual lymphatic
drainage technique according to Foldi, which is an non-invasive physiological
method. In some cases, it may be necessary to associate the use of sequential
pneumatic compression or the introduction of medicaments of the benzopyrone
family. Due to this approach, the functional limitations and long term
complications are well controlled. The results depend, of course, on the patients
willingness to follow the compressive treatment for the rest of his life.