de Godoy JM, Batigalia F, Godoy Mde F.
Preliminary evaluation of a new, more simplified physiotherapy technique for
lymphatic drainage.
Lymphology 2002 Jun;35(2):91-3

Department of Cardiology, Sao Jose do Rio Preto University School of Medicine,
Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate a new, more simplified physiotherapy
technique for management of peripheral lymphedema. Fifteen patients (11 female, 4
male) with ages varying from 22 to 63 years (average 54 years) were included in
this study. All presented with stage I or II lower limb lymphedema confirmed by
lymphoscintigraphy. Each patient underwent a newly designed modified manual lymph
drainage technique regularly performed five times a week, one hour per session
after one month. The new technique consisted of utilizing sticks, rollers or
other cylindrical, flexible, and malleable material which served as a lymph
promoting drainage device. All patients demonstrated a highly significant uniform
reduction in girth of the leg affected by lymphedema (circumference reduction 2
to 4 cm; average 2.4 cm). After treatment, repeat lymphoscintigraphy suggested a
generalized improvement in the scintiscans compared with the initial patterns.
This new manual lymph drainage technique efficiently reduces peripheral
lymphedema and is less cumbersome and time consuming than standard combined
("decongestive") physiotherapy methods.