Vignes S, Priollet P.
[Lymphology in 2002. From diagnosis to treatment of lymphedemas]
[Article in France]
Rev Med Interne 2002 Jun;23 Suppl 3:436s-441s

Unite de lymphologie, hopital Cognacq-Jay, site Broussais, 102, rue Didot, 75014
Paris, France.

Lymphedema are primary (lower limb) or secondary for the upper limb after treatment
of breast cancer. Genetic research allows to explain better pathophysiology of
lymphedema. Lymphoscintigraphy is the main imaging technique for lymphedema.
Venous or compressive etiologies may be first excluded. Treatment of lymphedema
includes decongestive physiotherapy: manual lymph drainages, bandages, elastic
stockings, exercises, skin care to avoid infections. Other treatments may be
associated: weight loss, drugs (procyanidolic oligomers), surgery for genital
lymphedema, pneumatic compression pumps for lymphovenous insufficiency.